Old Town Cemetery

The Old Town Cemetery is located in Willcox AZ.  The Cemetery is located on the edge of town off of a dirt road.  The most prominent member of the Cemetery is Warren Baxter Earp, the brother of Wyatt Earp and the only Earp buried in Arizona.  The Cemetery is both interesting and depressing... It's interesting in the age of the graves, the oldest that I saw, where I could determine the age from the marker, was 1825.  It's depressing in seeing a historical Cemetery in such a state of disrepair.  Most of the grave markers are made of wood, yes, just like you see in the movies... Only these markers are more than a hundred years old and most of them are laying on the ground.  I think it's shameful for the town of Willcox to allow this historical Cemetery to remain in such a deplorable condition!

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