Mackinac Island

Located seven miles from the shores of Mackinaw sits the island of Mackinac in the waters of Lake Huron.  Taking a ferry from Makinaw we first made a detour to the Mackinaw bridge which is the divider between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  Anita wasn't pleased as the captain of the jet ferry turned towards the island and allowed a wave to breach the second deck, where we were sitting...  Instant wet T-shirt contest... since I was still dry, she won!  Arriving  on the island you are immediately aware that something is different!  That "stable" aroma that permeats the air is your first indication that transportation on the island is different... Mackinac Island is home to the largest radio dispatched, horse drawn taxi service in the world!  And that smell... well I guess it beats LA smog... The island is truely quaint with a full time population of less than 300.  Bicycles and horses are the only transportation.  The bars and pubs are quaint and really give you the feeling of the movie "Some where in Time".  If you haven't been there, it's a must for your list!

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