Grand Canyon, South Rim

Williams Arizona on old Route 66 is home to the South Rim  of the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Train.  The train departs Williams every morning at 09:30 and returns at ~ 18:00 that evening.  The train has a "luxury" club car which is a restored 1930 something club car with limited seating and an open bar... what better way to watch the desert roll by enroute to the Canyon?  Your first glimpse of the Canyon is from the train... and the Canyon... what can I say, it is a sight that has to be experienced first hand!  Upon arrival at the Canyon we transferred to a state-of-the-art tour bus for a three hour tour of the Canyon.  Following the tour we were taken to lunch and then back to the Canyon Train Depot for the train back to Williams.  On the way back, the day in the club car is toasted with champagne... and then the train is robbed by the same "gunmen" that started the day off in Williams... If you ever have the opportunity, the train is a fascinating way to travel to the Grand Canyon

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