Goose Neck & Bridges, Ut.

We climbed the Moki Dugway , just to say we had done it!   Moki Dugway is a 1.5 lane gravel road carved in the face of the Cedar Mesa.  The road has numerous hairpin switch backs that cause the driver to ask "Why the hell am I doing this...?"  Once on top of the Mesa we took Muley Road toeards Muley point, 6,000 feet above Goose Neck State Park.  Unfortunately Muley Road was impassable short of Muley Point  so I wasn't able to get "THE" Goose Neck photo of the river... maybe next time.  I was able to get photos of the park.  From there we proceeded nort to the Natural Bridges.  The change in the topography in just 45  miles is unbelievable!

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