Gaston's White River Resort

Gaston's White River Resort is located on the White River in Lake View Arkansas.  The White River is produced by Bull Shoals Lake's  hydroelectric dam.  The dam has an interesting affect on the river in that the current and height of the river can change dramatically in a VERY SHORT period of time dependent on the electrical load placed on the dam!  The river boasts some of the finest game fishing in the US... specifically trout.  The resort is very rustic  but very nice consisting of 77 cabins and lodges.  The entire resort is located on a two mile stretch of the White River with all cabins having fire places.  (I have NEVER seen so much stacked firewood in one place in my life!  Every cabin is stocked with ~ 1/2 cord of firewood daily!)  The resort has a 3,200 ft grass landing strip and encompasses 400 acres of land.  The restaraunt is very good and the resort staff is outstanding!  The photos show an interesting phenomena of ice fog on the trees caused by the river .  Great place to visit!

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